Lancaster ARD Program for DUI

dui1A Lancaster ARD program for DUI from the Cody Law Firm will assist you in securing a Lancaster PA DUI lawyer who will fight for you.  If you require an ARD program for DUI in Lancaster, we are the first and only call you need to make.

When you need a Lancaster ARD program for DUI, not just any Lancaster PA DUI lawyer will do.  Trust your case, and your future, to someone who will provide you with a proven ARD program for DUI in Lancaster, and that person is one of the lawyers from the Cody Law Firm.

The Lancaster ARD Program for DUI can help you

A Lancaster ARD program for DUI from the Cody Law Firm can keep you out of jail and help you retain your license.  A skilled Lancaster PA DUI lawyer could be the only thing between you and a prison cell.  You can count on our knowledge of the ARD program for DUI in Lancaster to greatly benefit you.

The A.R.D. program is operated by the Office of the District Attorney. While Pennsylvania law sets some statutory guidelines for who is and is not eligible for A.R.D., the District Attorney can supplement those guidelines with addition criteria. The District Attorney may reject a person from the A.R.D. program if they fail to meet local requirements.

In effect, a person who may be eligible for DUI/ARD in York or Berks County may not be eligible for DUI/ARD in Lancaster County or vice versa. For this reason, it is important to fully understand the local ARD requirements. Additionally, in Lancaster County the District Attorney does make exceptions to local rules in extraordinary circumstances. Again, it is important to be familiar with these rules and whether an exception may be granted.

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